Knowledge Base

  1. About Memrise 

    1. What is Memrise?
    2. Is there a mobile app?
    3. Who uses Memrise?
    4. Is Memrise in schools?
    5. How many courses are on Memrise?
  2. Android App  

    1. Language Settings (Android)
    2. Error loading/App stuck
    3. Offline Learning, Remove Courses, Course Leaderboard, Share Courses (Android)
    4. Course Search Explained (Android)
    5. How to edit your profile (Android)
  3. Course Creation 

    1. Create a course / make a learning list
    2. What is a database?
    3. What can be edited in a database?
    4. Add or delete a column
    5. Difference between an attribute and a column
  4. Getting Started 

    1. How to Sign up and Learn in Memrise?
    2. What is a course?
    3. I want to add / change my profile picture.
    4. I want to connect / disconnect my account from Facebook
    5. Customise and disable email notifications.
  5. Groups 

    1. How to join a group?
    2. What is a group?
    3. How to create a group?
    4. How to add courses to a group?
    5. How to invite others to join?
  6. iOS App 

    1. Language Settings (iOS)
    2. Offline Learning, Remove Courses, Course Leaderboard (iOS)
    3. Error loading/App stuck
    4. Course search explained (iOS)
    5. How to edit your profile (iOS)
  7. Learning  

    1. What is a course?
    2. Course search explained
    3. Can I change the way I'm being tested?
    4. How do I quit / restart a course?
    5. How to ignore words / skip levels
  8. Memrise Pro 

    1. Pro features in the website
    2. Website: What is a learning streak, how does changing time zones affect it?
    3. Website: Learning performance explained
    4. Cancel Pro account, auto-renewal, recurring payments
    5. What is "Meet The Natives"? (Immersion Mode)
  9. Mems 

    1. What is a mem?
    2. Choose a different mem
    3. Create a mem.
    4. Edit a mem I have created.
    5. Points given for mems
  10. Social 

    1. What are the ranks/badges?
    2. How does the leaderboard work?
    3. How to add / follow friends in Memrise?
    4. Chat with other users. Send message to others.
    5. Want people to stop following me
  11. Troubleshooting  

    1. Reporting a bug? *Please read first* - error/problem/issue/glitch, website/app/iOS/Android
    2. App not syncing / why is the app not updating?
    3. Can't download courses / problem with offline learning
    4. Can't find my courses/lists - lost/disappeared/gone
    5. Error loading course in the app / can't open session - stuck/freezes
  12. All articles 

    1. What are the ranks/badges?
    2. Create a course / make a learning list
    3. Pro features in the website
    4. What is a mem?
    5. What is a course?

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