Knowledge Base

  1. Course Creation 

    1. Create a course.
    2. What is a database?
    3. What can be edited in a database?
    4. Add or delete a column
    5. Difference between an attribute and a column
  2. Getting Started 

    1. What is a course?
    2. I want to add / change my profile picture.
    3. I want to connect / disconnect my account from Facebook
    4. Customise and disable email notifications.
    5. I want to deactivate my account.
  3. Groups 

    1. What is a group?
    2. How to create a group?
    3. How to add courses to a group?
    4. How to invite others to join?
    5. I'm a teacher and I need to invite lots of students, how can I do that?
  4. iOS App 

    1. Signing in and Registering in the iOS App
    2. Course search explained in the iOS App
    3. Learning and Reviewing in the iOS App
    4. Testing types in iOS App
    5. Mems in the iOS App
  5. Learning  

    1. What is a course?
    2. Course search explained
    3. Can I change the way I'm being tested?
    4. What is 'pinning'? What are 'pinned' courses?
    5. How do I quit / restart a course?
  6. Memrise Premium 

    1. What is Memrise Premium?
    2. How do I access Memrise Premium?
    3. Cancel Premium account
  7. Mems 

    1. What is a mem?
    2. Choose a different mem
    3. Create a mem.
    4. Edit a mem I have created.
    5. Points given for mems
  8. Social 

    1. What is the title under my name?
    2. How does the leaderboard work?
    3. Find and follow friends in Memrise / add friends.
    4. Chat with other users. Send message to others.
    5. Stop facebook publishing my mems
  9. Troubleshooting  

    1. Bug Report / Problem
    2. There is no sound / I can't hear the words.
    3. My database doesn't seem to draw from the central dictionary anymore. Why?
    4. Find a course my friend / teacher made.
    5. Video not playing in Chrome
  10. All articles 

    1. Bug Report / Problem
    2. What is the title under my name?
    3. Create a course.
    4. What is a group?
    5. What is Memrise Premium?

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