Missions on Android

This new feature turns language practise into an epic adventure game: you become a super secret agent that travels around the language Multiverse trying to stop the evil Uniformist Front from destroying the Alliance!

You’ll use the language you’re learning to dupe enemy agents into thinking you are one of them, extracting intel of their plans, decoding pass-phrases and solving puzzles, all while making sure you don’t blow your cover.

Missions on Android are currently active (for the first sections) across 7 languages; French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, German and Danish (for English speakers). Mission 1 can be accessed by starting a course and navigating to level 4. First Contact.

The first Mission will be unlocked after you complete the first 3 levels of the course.

After completing all the previous levels, the first Mission can be started. 

When the Mission begins it will provide you with instructions about your task! Make sure to read the Mission control details carefully.

By selecting the options in the blue boxes, you can have a conversation with the enemy agent.

If want to quit the Mission, simply click the cross (X) in the top right corner.

After exiting, you can restart the Mission by following the same process above. While attempting these Missions, you can also use Hints! Hints (which can be earned through regular review sessions) will give you the first (or next) words of the answer. In this case, it's "Buenos".

After using a Hint, you can continue tapping the answer yourself (with the options provided).

You can try and re-try Missions multiple times until you complete the task. 

You can continue the conversation until you succeed. Missions are optional, so you won't need to complete it in order to progress. When you finish, you can re-try the Mission and try out different answers or exit. Further Missions will become available as you progress through your course. The Mission may be challenging, and you’ll see words you haven’t learned, but bluff and guesswork are important secret agent skills! Good luck, over and out.

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