Memrise Pro in the iOS App Explained

By tapping on the course you would like to continue learning you will be presented with all the learning modes available in the iOS app. Free Modes: Learn New Words and Review Pro Modes: Speed Review, Difficult Words, Listening Skills, Meet The Natives, Grammabot (on selected courses), Chatbots (on selected courses), and Offline Mode.

Learn New Words/Continue Learning (free mode)

Learning new words will prompt items you have not yet learnt in a certain course.

Review (free mode)

Review (Classic) will prompt words that you have previously learnt in the course and you need to review to strengthen your long-term memory.

Speed Review (Pro mode)

Speed Review is active on all our official Memrise-created courses. It will prompt words that you have previously learnt in the course in a playful, game-like way. Excitement guaranteed!

Please note: this mode is not available on community created courses on iOS.


Difficult Words (Pro mode)

Difficult Words is a Pro mode that will prompt words that you have previously learnt in this course and the algorithm has marked difficult. Difficult Words analyses which words you're having difficulty with so you can practise them further in a special session, to make sure they stick in your mind.

Listening Skills (Pro mode)

Listening Skills is a Pro mode that tests you on your oral comprehension of the words you have previously learnt in the course. You can be tested with multiple choice, tapping and typing tests.

Meet The Natives (Pro mode)

Meet The Natives is the most joyful way to learn any language! Immerse yourself in your target language with these fun video clips of native speakers in their natural habitat. All videos are filmed on the Membus tour, our project to create the world's first video dictionary, starting in Europe.

Right now, Meet The Natives is active on our official Memrise-created English (UK), Spanish (Spain), French, Portuguese (Portugal), Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish courses on the iOS and Android App.

In Meet The Natives you will be presented with a video clip of a native speaker. At the end of the clip, you'll be asked to match the clip with the correct sentence or word(s).


Grammabot (Pro mode)

Grammabot is a new feature designed to help you improve the grammar of the language you’re learning. This feature is now available for English (UK) speakers on our official Memrise-created French, Spanish (Spain), German, Italian, Chinese and Japanese courses.


Chatbots (Pro mode)

Chatbots will help you build your language skills with real conversations. This feature is currently available on selected languages.

Offline mode (Pro mode)

With Memrise Pro, you’ll be able to download courses for offline learning.

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