Create a course / make a learning list

There are several ways to create a course in the website. At the moment it is only possible to do so in the website. Once you have created a course in the web it will automatically sync with your app, so you can learn it using the app. (provided your device is connected to the internet and logged in with the same credentials) You can create a course using the ‘Create a Course’ page, which is also linked from the 'Courses' page. Select the 'Courses' tab on the top of your screen. A button will appear next to the search box; 'Create my course'.
1. Use the filter function on the top right hand side corner of your dashboard. Select 'Teaching' from the categories. Once you have done so a button will appear at the top of your list of courses. Click on 'Create Course'
2. Fill in the name of the Course with something nice and descriptive.

3. Select the category. This would normally be used primarily to help people to find your course; in the case of a personal list this is still important because if there is a central database for the category that you choose, then your course will automatically be set up to draw from it. So if you choose "Mandarin Simplified" for example, it will draw from the Mandarin Simplified central database (but you will still be able to edit all the words once they are in your list). Click 'Create Course'.


4. A single level is automatically created. If there is a central database for the category that you chose, then the column headings will be taken from there. If not then they will be the default headings. 

5. By default many of the more complex features of course creation are hidden - for example seeing the 'Databases'. If you would like to see these advanced features, click 'Add level' and your course will be converted into a multi level course with the full functionality. 6. Once you have finished adding words click 'Back to Course' to view your creation and get learning!

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