Website: What is a Learning Streak? How does my Time Zone affect it?

What is a learning streak?

You can consult your learning streak grid by clicking on the 'More' button in the Pro box on the left hand side of your Dashboard. 

This grid will present you with all your learning sessions in the last 365 days. The 'Total' will show you the number of days you learnt in Memrise since you signed up. The days filled in blue are the days you did learning, the ones in grey are the days without any learning session recorded. 'Best Streak' is the number of days consecutively learning on Memrise, while the 'Current Streak' is the number of days in a row that you have learnt in at the moment. 

You will see your full learning history since you have joined Memrise, even if you have upgraded to Pro at a later date. 

How does changing time zones affect it?

You should not lose your current streak when changing time zones, as it will not change your past learning sessions. However, it is essential to have the correct time zone set for Memrise to record your learning sessions accurately. Also, please note that in order to keep your streak you will have to connect to the Internet everyday after using Offline Mode. This will allow your progress to be synced to the servers, and your hard work will be saved. 

Please read these articles to find out how to set your time zone correctly in the website, the Android App and the iOS App!

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