I'm a teacher and need to invite lots of students, how can I do that?

Once you have created a group it is important to invite students, so that they can start learning right away! 

Simply click on your the 'Groups' icon on the top of your 'Dashboard', select the group you would like to add students to. Click on the 'Members' tab on the top part of your group if you do not have any members yet. Or click on the 'Invite' button on the top right hand side corner. 

You can invite students in two different ways, either inviting them by email or sharing the link of your group with them. 

We have experienced that many schools use school email addresses, which block any email that is sent from outside of the school system. As the invitation email will be sent from Memrise, this email will not reach the students. If this is the case we suggest that teachers simply copy and paste the link of the group and send the link in a separate email, instead of sending the automated email from our system. 

If you choose the 'Invite by email' option, you will be able to search your students using their Memrise usernames if they are your mempals or simply by adding their email addresses to the invitation email that you can send out to several students all at once. 

Don't forget to click on 'Invite' once you have added your students! 

Groups are private, which is why it is essential for you to add all students that you would like to take part in your group, otherwise they will not be able to find or search it on Memrise. 

When students accept your invitation, they will automatically show up in the 'Members' tab of your Group. 

There is no limit to how many students you can add to a specific group! Add as many as you'd like!

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