I found a mistake in a course and want to report it

Found a mistake in a course and want to report it? We are sorry to hear that issues in community created courses are interfering with your learning! Have you tried getting in touch with the course creator? The majority of Memrise courses are made by the community, and your input will surely help improve the course, but it's up to creators to fix these issues. Once you have 50,000 points, you can contact them by leaving a message on the course forum (the message you leave will be emailed to them too), and they will get on with sorting it out.

If you spot a typo or mistake in one of our official Memrise-created courses or a community-created course, you can report it via our Community Forum's 'Language Quarters'.
Once you're there, look for the relevant language and the course's title.

Then add your message to the existing thread so it reaches those responsible asap. If there is no existing thread yet for that course, you can create one. Make sure it's under the relevant language, and that the title/subject includes the full title of the course and the course creator's username. It's best to provide as many details as possible, such as the level and the item/word.

You can also access the forum by clicking the course's Forum button (present in web version only), followed by 'Language Quarters' > choose relevant language, search for existing thread or create a new one.  

What should you do if a course creator does not respond to forum posts about mistakes in a course? Send us a message (using the contact form on the right) with the course name, course level and link, and any details you can give us about the problem you initially reported to the course creator. Please note: we will not add audio or do extensive changes to a course.
We now also have official Memrise-created courses. As these are made by professional translators and linguists, we can assure the highest quality as well as full audio.
The full list of available courses can be found here: 

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