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Memrise Pro is a set of features that will help you learn even more joyfully, faster and efficiently.

Memrise Pro helps you to improve your accuracy with a ‘Difficult Words tool and Custom Learning Sessions, as well as helping you improve your oral comprehension of the language with Listening Skills. The Learning Statistics analyse what and when you learn best to help you learn more efficiently.

Listening skills

Listening Skills will test you on your oral comprehension of all the words you have learned so far in this specific course. It can be typing or multiple choice tests.

In the case of multiple choice tests learners have to listen to the pronunciation and then select the correct word from the multiple choice options. Alternatively, you will be presented with a word and by clicking on the sound icons you will have to select the right pronunciation for the displayed word or sentence.

To initiate a Listening Skills session, click on the purple button below the course title on your Dashboard (homepage).

Difficult Words

Difficult Words are defined by our algorithm. After having fully learned your word, if you have been marked wrong more times than right, this word (or sentence) will be marked as a difficult word.  

To start a Difficult Words session, click on the orange button below the course title on your Dashboard:

You will be presented with a maximum of 20 difficult words per session.

Once you have learned the word, you can add or remove difficult words by clicking on the course title and then selecting the Difficult Words tab. Click on the lightning icon to remove a word.

Once you have unselected a word, it will never automatically reappear as a difficult word again, unless you manually add it by tapping on the lightning bolt during a learning or reviewing session. Like this:

Learning Statistics

Keep track of your daily, weekly and monthly learning progress; break personal records and take control over how you learn.

Learning Statistics analyses:
  • Which courses you are learning the most
  • Which words are currently in your long term memory
  • What time of day is the most effective time for you to learn
  • When was your longest learning streak
  • How quickly you are learning new things
  • How accurately you are answering questions
The Learning Streak Board shows all your Learning Events in the last 365 days. The boxes coloured with blue are the Learning Events that you had on that certain date. It becomes a darker colour according to how many Learning Events you had on that specific day. The Streak function represents the consecutive days you have had Learning events. In order to not go down to 0, simply complete at least one Learning Event per day and your Learning Streak will soar! 

The Learning Insight graph displays the times of the day you learn best according to your last 10,000 tests. It shows when your answers were mainly correct, nearly correct or wrong. If you pay attention to this graph you will be able to prioritise your time so you review words at the best times possible according to your individual learning preferences. 

This graph portrays how much time you spend learning and reviewing in Memrise. It compares your last 30 days to the month before, week before and last 24 hours. This is here to motivate you to always do better than before. It also tells you which day of the week you learnt the most so far. Make today popular and review and learn more than ever before! 

This final pie chart simply shows the courses you are currently studying and portrays which courses you prioritise over others. 

To access your Learning Statistic, tap on the 'More' button on the left hand side of your homepage.

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