Create a Mem

How do I create a mem?

Come up with a brilliant idea for a mem, have you? Great! There are a few things you should know:

At the moment, it's only possible to create a mem for an item (word or phrase) during a learning or reviewing session, so essentially only when you are presented with a new item or an item you got incorrect during a reviewing session. 

Follow these steps to create a mem: 

1. If you haven't yet chosen a mem for a specific item, click on the left arrow in the memstream.

If you have already chosen one, click on 'Choose a new mem', and then on the left arrow in the memstream.

2. Then click on 'Create a Mem'.

3. Look for an image in your search engine. Save the image to your system / device. Then upload it to the mem creator where you can edit it. 

4. Don't forget to add text to your mem. You will see some symbols you can add to the text to make it bold or italic, although these only work with text mems at the moment.

5. Click save!

Your created mem will be your chosen mem for that item, and other memrisers will be able to choose it and give you points for doing such great work at mem-creation. 

Please note: At the moment it is only possible to create mems in the website and the Android app. However, we are continuously working on adding new features and improving existing ones, so we hope to have a mem creation available soon in the iOS app as well. 

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