Memrise Courses Explained

Courses are collections of facts to be learned. They can be a single list of terms, or they can be broken down into many 'Levels'

There are many different kinds of courses, for example image courses and courses with audio files containing the pronunciation of each word. 

Our courses mainly focus on language teaching, both vocabulary and grammar. However, there are also courses which teach geography, maths and science, standardised tests, entertainment etc. Whatever you can think of you will find among our courses and if this proves to be false, please do create the course Memrise is still missing! 

Anyone can learn and create courses in Memrise. All our courses are community built, so start creating your course today! 

If you want to get to know about Memrise courses in depth, you can access our Course Creation Manual.

To look for suitable courses to learn, go to 'Courses', select your language from the drop-down menu under 'I speak', followed by the language or topic you would like to learn, from 'Top Categories' or 'All Categories'.

You can refine your search by adding a key word, such as 'intermediate' or 'grammar' in the search box.

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