How does the Leaderboard work?

The leaderboard tracks your points for the week, month and all-time against the other Memrisers you follow.

This way you can see which of your friends are really getting at it, and therefore hopefully surpass them with your superior ability in learning on Memrise!

Please note: Our weekly Leaderboards reset every Monday at 1 am GMT, so your weekly points will disappear on this day and restart counting. Your points are not lost, they are now simply only visible in your monthly and all time Leaderboards.

There are two different kinds of leaderboards in Memrise.

One is the main Leaderboard, which represents all your mempals' points for this week, this month and all time. You can consult this leaderboard by clicking the 'More' button on the small leaderboard on the left hand side of your Dashboard. 

The other type of Leaderboard is found on the specific course pages on the right hand side. These leaderboards represent all the users who are also learning this course at the moment. It will show you other Memrisers' points for you to get competitive and want to get your name to the top of the list!

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