How do I Add / Follow friends in Memrise?

You can view your mempals, by clicking on your profile in the top right corner of your page. Select 'My profile' from the dropdown menu. After select the 'Mempals' tab on the left hand side. 

You will be presented with your Followings and Followers. You can unfollow your followings here or follow the mempals who are following you. 

By connecting your Facebook profile in your Memrise profile '
Settingsor by clicking on the last tab 'Facebook Friends' you will see which of your friends are on Memrise.

If you are already connected through Facebook you can find them in your Profile page. Follow your friends and compete for ranks!

If you are not connected on Facebook, yet know a friend's username, you can find them typing in your URL bar:[theirusername] - just make sure you replace [theirusername] with their actual username.

You can also follow people who you don't know outside of Memrise. Why not follow fellow learners of the same course(s) as you or the creator(s) of your favourite course(s).You can find them in the course's Leaderboard.  

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