No Audio / Sound on the Website - Can't Hear Words


Note that not all courses have audio, while some community created courses may have missing or faulty audio. Here is how to check:

The first example (see below) has audio as there are speaker icons above the word.
The second example has no speaker icon, so there is no audio available.

If there is missing/faulty audio in a community-created course, you can contact the creator by leaving a message in the course forum on the website. It is up to the creator to fix these issues, and your input will surely help improve the course.

How to contact the course creator

Alternatively, you can learn one of our official Memrise-created courses. All our official language courses have complete high quality audio, recorded by native speakers. The full list of official courses, created by our in-house team of professional linguists and translators, can be found here:

Also check on the left to see if it is set to Mute Audio/Unmute Audio:


Make sure that you have the latest version of your internet browser and Flash player. Also, try clearing your browser's cache and cookies.

If that does not help, try using a different browser (e.g. Google Chrome) and let us know if you had the same problem, or not.

If you still experience audio issues, please send us a message including:
  • Your username
  • The course(s) this occurs with, as well as the level(s) and word/item(s) if specific
  • Any further relevant details

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