My Database doesn't seem to draw from the Central Dictionary anymore. Why?

The most common reason for a database to stop drawing from the central dictionary is that the column names have been changed. All of the central dictionaries have the column headings 'Word' and 'Definition'. This is done so that they are totally consistent across all central dictionaries. But when you create a course, you often want to change the names so that they are more meaningful, for example: 'English' and 'French'.

This is fine, but if you want to import more items from the central dictionary, you will have to change the column headings back to match the central dictionary's column headings. This will probably be 'Word' and 'Definition'. Also it is important to know that the central dictionary is not exhaustive, you might want to add items to your course that might not yet exist in the central dictionary. This will only mean that you will have to manually add the translation as well and not have it appear automatically as a suggestion when typing in a new word. Related articles: What is a database? What can be edited in a database?

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