What can be edited in a database?

There are several options to customise your database:
  • Adding extra columns. You may decide that there is an extra aspect to the things that you are learning that you want to add. For example if you have a database full of historical figures and their portraits, you might want to add an extra column with their dates of birth. And another column with the name of their spouse, for example. Each of these additions would require you to add an extra column to the database. Please note it is not possible to move/rearrange columns, although you can rename text columns.
  • Deleting Columns. If you have created a Database that draws from a central dictionary, you might decide that it has too much information, that you would rather was not displayed in your course. In that case you can delete it. To do so, go to your Database page and click on the name of the column you don't want anymore, then click on the Delete tab and make sure you tick the "Yes, delete this column" box, followed by pressing the red Delete column button.
  • In browser keyboard. Eg for typing letters with accents in French. You can set the database column so that if ever that column is tested on, the in browser keyboard will appear. You do this by clicking on the edit pencil at the top of the column on the Database page and then going to the 'Testing' tab in the popup.
  • Change the size and style that text shows up when learning. Eg Chinese characters are difficult to read when they are very small. So if you click on the pencil at the top of the column on the database page, you can set them to 'Appear Bigger' or 'Never Italicise' etc. That will mean that whenever that column is tested on the will appear a good size.
  • Test settings: You can turn typing tests and tapping tests (tests where you 'tap' on each of the words that make up the correct answer) by clicking on the edit pencil at the top of the column on the Database page and then going to the 'Testing' tab in the popup.
  • Auto create levels. If you have bulk uploaded a large list of words and definitions, or you just want to re-start our course from scratch, then you can auto split it into levels of equal size by pressing the 'Create Levels' button.
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