Difference between an attribute and a column


Columns are the fields that are testable, some sort of labels that can be added to give the learner an idea of what they are being tested on. If your course is about different ways of saying hello, your column would be titled "greetings".


Attributes, on the other hand, can be displayed (and we will have more ways to change how attributes are displayed in the future), but are not testable. They help the learner in understanding what type of word he is learning (verb, noun, part of speech, etc.). Attributes can also be audio files, images etc, use your imagination and add whatever you feel would help the learner remember these items he is studying. 

For example: You can see the columns and attributes on the image below; the 'Word', 'Definition', 'Audio' tabs are columns, so the learner will be tested on these. The 'Part of Speech' tab, however, is an attribute, so the learner will see this feature displayed when being tested, but will not be tested on this specific information. 

Please note that neither columns or attributes can be moved/rearranged - you can still rename text columns and attributes to suit your needs.

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