Add words to my course or upload words from a spreadsheet

There are two ways of doing this.

Method 1 - for adding words one-by-one, as you come across them.
On the 'Edit' page of the course type into the boxes under the 'Add items' text. Memrise will search in the central dictionaries for matches, and add them where possible, together with the other information that is is stored with them (part of speech, mems, samples, audio etc). Don't forget to click on the blue + icon before clicking on the 'Save and Continue' button at the bottom of the page.

Method 2 - for adding long lists of words all at once, e.g. from a spreadsheet:

Click on the 'Advanced' button. Then select 'Bulk add items'. There are two ways to do this:

1. Adding a list of words without translations/definitions:

Copy the list of words that you want to add, and then paste it into the 'Add words' box.

Click 'ADD'.

Memrise will search the dictionaries for all of the words that you have pasted in, and will add them to the database if there are matches.

Where there were no matches in the dictionaries you can double click on the definition field and add your own definition.

2. Adding a list of words with translations/definitions and other fields as well

On your computer, create a spreadsheet of the words and definitions and any other information that you want to add. Make sure that the columns in your spreadsheet match the order of the columns in the Database.

Copy the information from all the columns on your spreadsheet (not including the column headings if there are any).

Paste that into the box

Click 'ADD'.

Again, if there are matches in the central dictionaries then those items will be added, but if there are any differences between your items and the ones in the central dictionary, then it will just add the word and definition as you have pasted them in. So if you want to be certain of pulling from the central dictionary, then it would be best to just paste in the first column of the spreadsheet. Note: Information cannot be added to attribute columns or to audio columns using this tool. The tool will stop adding to a particular row when it meets an attribute or audio column, and all columns thereafter will fail.
Please also note that identical entries in the same column confuse our system, which results in duplicate multiple choice tiles. We recommend adding columns that are not being tested on/prompted with as attributes rather than columns. 

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