Add audio to a course

1. Course creators can record or upload audio files to each word in the database for their course. At this moment, bulk upload of audio is not possible. To upload audio go to the 'Edit' page for your course, and then click 'Databases' and select the database that you wish to add audio to.

2. If your course draws on one of the language wikis, then you will see an 'Audio' column already there. If not then you can click 'Add' and select 'Audio column'.
Please note that if your course only has one level, you'll have to add a new level to reveal the Databases tab. Alternatively, click on the "Advanced" button at the right of the screen and click on "Add column".

You can upload .mp3 files. You can add multiple files per word. If you choose to test from audio on a level, then Memrise will choose one of the files at random to play in the test.

3. If you click 'Record' you can record your own audio. This tool is tested to work in Google Chrome, so you may have trouble using it in other browsers. We will add more browser support soon!

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