Set a Daily Goal - 1500, 6000 or 20000 points

Do you feel it's hard for you to find time every day to learn with Memrise? Setting a daily goal will definitely help you learn more regularly. 

You can set a Daily Goal for one of your courses, or you can set one for all, depending on your preference. 

Simply click on the 'Goal setter - Keep Motivated - Set a daily goal!' button above the course.

You will be presented with 3 different options: 

1. Learn an average of 5 mins each day and earn minimum 1,500 points. You are super busy, this goal will help you find time in your life to learn! 

2. Learn 15 mins a day and earn 6,000 points a day. You have caught the learning it's time to up the temp.

3. Learn an average of 45 mins a day and earn 20,000 points. You want to know everything! Go for it!  

After having selected your preferred Daily Goal, a new bar will appear. This will then count how many points you earn per day learning this specific course. It will keep track of your progress and tell you whether you are keeping to your Daily Goal or not. 

If you would like to turn the Daily Goal Setter off, click on the 'Edit goal' button. 

This function is one of the reasons it is important to set your timezone properly in Memrise. 

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