Learning and Reviewing Courses (iOS)

The course list in the iOS app is ordered by recency, so the one you most recently did learning or reviewing in will be at the top. It can not be changed in any other way. When you quit a course it will not delete your progress, it will simply be gone from your course list. To do this, tap on the course then select the trash can from the options. To learn or review a course tap on the green arrow. This will prompt you to choose between 'Learn new words' and 'Classic Review'. If you would like to skip an item, click on 'Skip' and you will be taken to the next item. When you see a pink arrow in a learning session, that's there to give you additional information about the item. These are attributes, so you will not be tested on them, they are just additional information. Lastly, when you exit a reviewing session, your progress will be saved. No points will be lost if you exit a session before having completed it. Related articles: Course search explained in the iOS App Testing types in the iOS App Mems in the iOS App What can you not do in the iOS App? Daily goal in the iOS App explained

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