Things you can't do in the iOS App

We are trying hard to make every feature in the website also available in the apps. However, there are still some features that you can only access on the website.

1. At the moment, the Pro stats and graphs are only available in the website, although all your learning done in the App does get taken into account. You can then view the detailed personalised analysis of your learning history in the website. Learning Statistics page 2. You can not create mems or courses in the iOS App
. As an alternative, you can create your course or mem on the website and they will sync to your mobile device. 3. 'Multimedia levels' don't display in the app. For example, if Level 3 is a Multimedia level you will see Level 1, Level 2, Level 4 displayed, with Level 3 missing altogether. 4. You can not currently ignore items in the app. However, if you 'ignore' certain items in the website, this will also sync to the apps and these items will no longer appear in the course you are learning. 5. You can not report mistakes or ask questions from the course creator in the course forums. You will have to consult the website to do so. 6. Currently you can only add Mempals from the website.
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