Sign in, Register or Forgot Password (iOS)

In the iOS app, Memrisers can either Log in to an existing profile or Create a new account.

Sign up

To create a new account, simply select the language you would like to learn from the list and choose your level: Beginner or Skilled (Beginners will start from Level 1 of the chosen course (roughly equates A1), Skilled users will start with Level 4 (A2). You will also be able to change levels within the app, if needed). You will then be prompted to register with Facebook or with your email address. Tap on Create account to start your journey! Please note:
  • The password is case sensitive
  • When signing up on iOS, the system will automatically generate a username for you. You can change it later on in the app settings.

Sign in

To sign in to your existing account, simply tap on Log in and enter your details (Username/Email address + Password, or via Facebook).

Forgot Password

If you have forgotten your password, simply tap on 'I forgot my password'. Please enter the email address you signed up with and you will be sent an email with reset instructions.

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