Leaderboard Explained (iOS)

There are two different kinds of leaderboards in Memrise, the Course Leaderboard and the Mempal Leaderboard.

You can view the Course Leaderboard in the course options, by tapping the trophy icon in the top right corner. This Leaderboard shows you the highest scores from Memrisers learning that specific course.

You'll find your Mempal Leaderboard by tapping on the Profile tab, under your Ziggy’s progress.

In both Leaderboards, you can switch between 'Weekly', 'Monthly' and 'All time' scores.  

Please note: At the moment you can't add new friends (or 'Mempals' as we call them) in the App. However, you can connect with them on the website. From then on you can keep track of your friends' scores in the App's Leaderboard!
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