Search for a Course (iOS)

On the app's dashboard you will be presented with the latest course you have been learning. 

To look for more courses, tap the + icon in the top right corner of your course selector. Alternatively, you can tap the Find tab.

Tap ‘Or browse more courses' for more courses under that language (i.e., following levels of the same official Memrise course or community created courses on the same language).

By tapping on the pink-coloured language you will be able to filter the courses by your native language.

Tapping 'Other Topics' will show you more non-languages topics such as Arts & Literature, Maths & Science, as well as Standardised tests and Trivia.

For a more exhaustive course search please visit the website. Once you start learning a course in the website, it will automatically sync with your app, provided it is connected to the Internet and logged in with the same credentials.

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