Testing types in the App (Android)

There are four different types of tests in the Android App - multiple choice, tapping, typing and listening skills. You can turn the Tapping tests on or off in 'Learning Settings'. When presented with a tapping test, the learner will have to tap on the individual words to put them in the right order. During typing tests the user can either tap on the letters in the virtual Memrise keyboard to add them in the correct order, or alternatively they can tap on the keyboard icon on the top of the screen to use their device's keyboard. When presented with a multiple choice test, the user will have to tap on the correct translation. Listening skills can be tapping, typing or multiple choice tests. In the case of multiple choice tests learners have to listen to the pronunciation and then select the word they heard from the multiple choice options. Alternatively you will be presented with a word and by tapping on the sound icons you will have to select the right pronunciation for the displayed word. When presented with a pronunciation you can also be prompted to type or tap in the word you hear.


Please note: If you would like to disable listening skills, tap on the mute icon that appears on the top of the screen. This will disable listening skills for the next 15 minutes.
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