What is a Mem? (Android)

What is a Mem?

A mem is anything that helps you create a connection between a word and its meaning. Often colloquially called “educational memes”, a mem could really be a photo, GIF, mnemonic, video, cartoon, example sentence, etymology or even a witty remark. 
The only end goal of a mem is to enrich your learning by helping you commit something to long term memory in an enjoyable, vivid way. 

Through mems, we're aiming to crowd-source the world's imagination to make the experience of learning an entertaining and explorative process. Use your imagination and upload some mems to help the world learn! To learn more about mem creation and what makes a good mem read this article! Mems in the Android App Mems in the Android App work the same way as they do in the website. Please note: To manage mems or add photos, please do so from the website. You can select the mems of your choice during learning sessions. Tap on the 'Help me learn this' button on the mem and you will be able to swipe right and left in order to select the best mem for this specific item. Once you decided on a mem tap on it and it will become your default mem for this item. Not all items have associated mems. If this happens you will be presented with 'No mems' written across the place for mems and you can add one yourself. *Please note, Mems will not load during Offline Mode Related articles: What is a mem? Learning and Reviewing in the Android App How to create a mem in the website?

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