Remove / Delete Courses and Offline Mode (Android)

Select the course you wish to download, remove, share or view the leaderboard for.

To download, tap the icon in the top right corner. For everything else, tap on the course title at the top of the dashboard. In this case, "Spanish 1". 

This will take you to the course options page where you will be presented with the option icons: Trash, Set Goal, Download, Share, and Leaderboard.

Removing a course will not delete your progress and learning history.

 (Please note, Offline Mode / Download is currently a Memrise Pro feature).

It will help if you download over a stable WiFi connection rather than use mobile data. Also, avoid doing anything in the app while downloading course data.

Downloaded courses are marked with a green tick icon in the course box:

To activate offline mode, turn off your internet and then select the downloaded course.


  • The app may struggle downloading very large courses (3000+ items). We are working on improving the capacity for future updates.
  • Logging out of the app clears the cache and will remove any downloaded courses, but you can re-download them.
  • The goal setter resets at midnight every day. It is important to set your time zone correctly via the profile settings to correctly receive your Daily Reminder and to record your points.
  • After each learning/reviewing session it is essential to connect to the internet before midnight for progress to be saved.
  • Failing to do so can result in the platform not recognising your work as completed for that day and you may lose your streak.
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