Settings Explained (Android)

To change your general and learning settings, tap on the profile icon at the bottom of the dashboard. Then select 'Settings' from the list of options.

For advice on how to edit your profile, read this article!

You can set up a Pro account here. Check out this article to find out more about Pro functions in the Android app.

The learning graphs will only show up in the website, however, learning in the app still be calculated into your results.

You can turn on or off any setting by sliding the circle left to right for on, and right to left for off. Select how many words you would like to learn or review per session by changing your 'Learning Settings'.

Tap on the gear icon to change the timing of your 'Daily reminder'.


Turning 'Auto detect' on or off allows you to choose whether a correct answer is automatically accepted, or if you need to tap the enter arrow to continue.

Keep in mind this only applies to typing and tapping tests.

In 'Sound Settings' you can adjust several different sound settings as seen above. This includes turning on or off video (for Immersion Mode), all audio (this turns off audio tests), or all sound effects ('ding' or session complete sounds).

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