Leaderboard Explained (Android)

There are two different kinds of leaderboards in Memrise, Mempal Leaderboard and Course Leaderboard.

You'll find your Mempal Leaderboard next to the Home icon at the bottom of the dashboard. You can switch between your 'Weekly', 'Monthly' and 'All time' points by tapping on the 'Week' icon.

The Course Leaderboard is the one that appears after every learning and reviewing session. To access it, tap on the course title in the dashboard.


By tapping the icon you will reveal all other users who are currently learning the course. You can also see the 'Weekly', 'Monthly' and 'All time' points.


Please note
: Weekly Leaderboards reset every Monday, so your weekly points will disappear on this day and restart counting. Your points are not lost, they are now only visible in your monthly and all time Leaderboards.  
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