Find and Follow Friends (Android)

You can follow friends you know offline or friends you made through Memrise and compete for points!

On the main dashboard, tap the trophy icon at the bottom. You will be presented with a list of all your Mempals. You can switch between your weekly, monthly and all time leaderboard by tapping on the 'Week' icon in the top right hand side corner. 

To see how many points certain mempals have, tap on their username and you will see the number of words they have learnt and the points they have earned so far.

To add more mempals tap on the pink icon in the bottom right hand side corner. 
You will be presented with two options:

1. By connecting your Facebook profile in Settings
 you will see which of your friends are on Memrise. You will also be able to invite others who are not yet using Memrise. 

2. You can also search for mempals by tapping on 'Search' and typing in their Memrise usernames. 

Alternatively, you can tap on the profile icon next to the trophy icon. You will see 'Following' and 'Followers'. You can tap either for more information. If you are not mutual Mempals with someone following you, tap the pink + sign. To unfollow, tap the green tick sign.

You can also follow people who you don't know outside of Memrise. Why not follow fellow learners of the same course(s) as you or the creator(s) of your favourite course(s)? You can find them in the course's Leaderboard.  

Please note: There is no way to stop someone following you on Memrise - we have a Twitter-like model. However, followers can't interrupt your learning in any way - they just see your score on their mempals leaderboard.

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