Set a Daily Goal (Android)

Do you feel it's hard for you to find time every day to learn with Memrise? Setting a daily goal will definitely help you learn more regularly. 

Set a Daily Goal today and hit your goal every day to win bonuses! 

You can set a Daily Goal for each of your courses. After every learning and reviewing session you will be presented with an option of adding a Daily Goal at the bottom of your screen. 

To do so yourself, tap on the rocket icon in the top right hand corner. 

You will be presented with 3 different options: 

1. Learn an average of 5 words each day. You are super busy, this goal will help you find time in your life to learn! 

2. Learn 15 words a day. You have caught the learning it's time to up the temp.

3. Learn an average of 30 words a day. You want to know everything! Yesterday. Go for it!  
Your daily goal point counter will show up on the course selector and main dashboard for each course.
You can also determine which time you would like a reminder sent to you.
Please note: It is important to set your timezone according to your location so that the app records your progress accordingly. After each offline learning and reviewing session it is essential to reconnect your device to the internet, otherwise the app will not recognise your work as having been done on that specific day and you will lose your learning streak.
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