Set a Daily Goal (iOS)

Do you feel it's hard for you to find time every day to learn with Memrise? Setting a daily goal will definitely help you learn more regularly.

Set a Daily Goal today and hit your goal every day to win bonuses!

You can set a Daily Goal for each of your courses. After every learning and reviewing session you will be presented with an option of adding a Daily Goal at the bottom of your screen.

To do so yourself, tap on the rocket icon in the top right hand corner.   

You will be presented with 3 different options:

1. Learn an average of 5 words each day. You are super busy, this goal will help you find time in your life to learn!

2. Learn 15 words a day. You have caught the learning it's time to up the temp.

3. Learn an average of 30 words a day. You want to know everything! Yesterday. Go for it!  
This function is one of the reasons it is important to set your time zone properly in Memrise. 

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