What is Meet The Natives? (Video Mode)

Meet The Natives is a native speaker video learning mode exclusive to Pro members, the most joyful way to learn a language!

This exciting new mode is available in the iOS App and the Android App.

Hear the native twang to thousands of phrases from thousands of native speakers recorded across Europe. See the funny people and beautiful people, silly people and serious people - all the people that bring language to life.

It tests you on phrases and sentences. You will learn to speak like they do - like a native! It's like having a language exchange right on your device.

Meet The Natives is active on all our official Memrise-created English (UK), Spanish (Spain), French, Portuguese (Portugal), Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish courses on the iOS and Android App. We've also been recording videos for Dutch over the past couple of months.

You can keep up to date here:  http://membus.memrise.com/

How does it work?
In this mode you will be presented with a video clip of a native speaker.
At the end of the clip, you'll be asked to match the clip with the correct phrase or sentence.


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