App: translate courses to my language (e.g. not in English)

The app will search for courses in your language (set by your device). However, in Course Search, sometimes you may find that the first few courses are not in your language (e.g. in English); these are usually featured courses of excellent quality. Note that there is no auto-translation of courses.

If you scroll down, you should find courses in your source language.

Example: Japanese

If there are none, there are probably no relevant courses available yet, in which case maybe you would like to create your own course to contribute to the Memrise community?

For a more extensive Course Search, we recommend looking for courses on the website. Any course you learn on the website will sync to the app.

To search for courses on the website, on the Courses tab page, first select the source language under I speak:

Then, select the language/topic you want to learn, either from Top Categories on the left or All Categories below it. You can filter results by adding a keyword (e.g. intermediate, advanced) in the search box on the top right:

You can also set your native language in Settings:

You can learn as many courses in as many languages/topics you like.

Happy learning!

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