Listening Skills Explained (iOS)

Listening Skills is a Pro function, to find out more about Memrise Pro read these articles!

When selecting 'Continue' in a certain course, the app will prompt you to choose between 'Learn new words' , 'Classic Review'. Additionally 'Difficult Words', 'Meet The Natives' and 'Speed Review', which are Premium learning modes. Listening Skills is a fun way to practise your pronunciation and listening skills.  

Listening skills will test you on your understanding of all the words you have learned so far in this specific course.
  • Choose the right word out of a choice of four in the tapping test (reading and listening). 
  • Type the correct word you hear in the typing test (writing and listening). 
  • Select the right pronunciation in the multiple choice test (listening). 
When presented with a pronunciation you can also be prompted to type or tap in the word you hear.   


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