Official Memrise Courses: Difficulty Levels Explained

Our official Memrise-created courses are carefully crafted by our in-house team of professional linguists and translators. They are complete with literal translations, examples and high quality audio recorded by native speakers.

The official English (UK), French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese (Portugal), Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish courses also have video clips (Meet The Natives/Immersion Mode).

Our courses are made up of a series of 7 parts. E.g. French 1, French 2, and so on.

Courses 1 to 3 roughly equate A1 level (beginners).
Courses 4 and 5 equate A2 level (intermediate).
Courses 6 and 7 are at B1 level (upper intermediate/advanced)

Here's what are our official French courses look like in the Course Search/Find page:

To make them easy to find and recognise, each language has its own colour. French is red, Dutch is yellow, Japanese is purple, etc.

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