A1 and A2 Language Courses

If you are learning an official A1 or A2 Memrise Course (such as A1 German, A2 Spanish by Memrise) then we're afraid these courses are no longer supported and may contain bugs, errors or inconsistencies. 

But fear not, they've since been replaced with our biggest range of new language courses!

Let's take a moment to explain what these courses are and why we’ve created them.

What are the courses?

The way we think about learning languages is heavily influenced by Stephen Krashen’s Natural Approach, Michael Lewis’s Lexical Approach, and other related research. Essentially what it boils down to is this:

“Communicative competence is not a matter of knowing rules, but a matter of knowing a stock of partially pre-assembled patterns” (Widdowson, 1989, if you like academic references).

Or, to paraphrase, learning a language is not about learning lots of grammar rules and then applying them to lots of words. In fact there’s a bunch of evidence that knowing grammar rules is absolutely no help at all in getting you to speak a new language. You get good at speaking by learning ‘chunks’ of the language – more than just single words – and by being exposed to enough natural language to spot the patterns in how to put those chunks together.

Our official courses are designed to help you do just that. They are lexical courses. They teach you useful chunks of language, and give you enough variety of examples to help you start to spot the patterns in how to use them.

We currently offer the following languages in 7 sections (Courses 1 - 7). You can find links to the first sections below to get you started! These courses are also the top featured ones when you open the Language category page or screen on your mobile.

French 1
Spanish 1
Spanish (Mexico) 1
German 1

Italian 1
Portuguese (EU) 1
Portuguese (BR) 1

Norwegian 1
Swedish 1
Danish 1

Dutch 1
Russian 1
Turkish 1

Chinese 1
Japanese 1
Korean 1

To find the other 6 sections (or to find other Official Memrise translations, such as Spanish > French 1), please use the course search function:

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Courses 1 to 3 are equivalent to previous A1 courses (beginners).
Learners of A2 courses (intermediate) should choose courses 4 or 5.
Courses 6 and 7 are at B1 level (upper intermediate/advanced).

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