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  1. A Guide to Typing Tests, Tapping Tests and Memrise Punctuation

  2. A1 and A2 Language Courses

  3. Activate an in-browser keyboard

  4. Add a contributor to my course

  5. Add alternative words as answers

  6. Add audio to a course

  7. Add or delete a column

  8. Add pictures / photos to my course

  9. Add words to my course or upload words from a spreadsheet

  10. App Not Syncing / Why is the App not Updating?

  11. App: translate courses to my language (e.g. not in English)

  12. Are groups public?

  13. Can I change devices with Memrise?

  14. Can I change the way I'm being tested?

  15. Can I make someone an admin of a group?

  16. Can I use a Google Voucher or Balance to Purchase Memrise?

  17. Can't Download Course / Problem with Offline Mode

  18. Can't Download Courses / Learn Offline

  19. Can't Find my Courses - Lost / Disappeared / Gone

  20. Cancel or Change my Memrise Pro Subscription (iTunes)

  21. Cancel or Change my Memrise Pro Subscription (PlayStore)

  22. Cancel or Refund Pro Account, Auto-Renewal, Recurring Payments

  23. Change my Timezone

  24. Change my Website Language

  25. Change the text / font size in a course I created

  26. Changing Native Language

  27. Choose a different Mem

  28. Course Download Problems

  29. Create a course / make a learning list

  30. Create a Mem

  31. Creating an image / photo course

  32. Customise or Disable Email Notifications

  33. Delete a course I created

  34. Delete a Mem

  35. Delete a picture from an image course

  36. Difference between an attribute and a column

  37. Difficult Words Explained (Android)

  38. Difficult Words Explained (iOS)

  39. Do I get points for Mems?

  40. Duplicate an existing course

  41. Edit, record or move words and levels in a course

  42. Edit, record or move words in a course I am learning

  43. Embed Video into a Mem

  44. Error Loading / App Stuck

  45. Error Loading / App Stuck

  46. Error Loading Course in the App - Stuck / Freezes

  47. Extra Reviewing

  48. Find and Follow Friends (Android)

  49. Find Intermediate or Advanced Community-Created Courses

  50. Group Leaderboards Explained

  51. How do I Add / Follow friends in Memrise?

  52. How do I add courses to a group?

  53. How do I create a group?

  54. How do I delete a group I have created?

  55. How do I edit a Mem I have created?

  56. How do I ignore words / skip levels

  57. How do I invite others to join groups?

  58. How do I join a group?

  59. How do I quit / restart a course?

  60. How do I quit a group?

  61. How do I remove someone from a group?

  62. How do I share a course I created with friends?

  63. How does the Leaderboard work?

  64. How many courses are on Memrise?

  65. How to become a Pro member / subscriber (Android)

  66. How to Create a Mem (Android)

  67. How to edit existing items in a course?

  68. How to Edit your Profile (Android)

  69. How to Edit your Profile (iOS)

  70. How to Purchase Memrise Pro

  71. How to Report Issues, Mistakes, Typos in Courses

  72. How to Sign up and Learn in Memrise

  73. I found a mistake in a course and want to report it

  74. I have 2 accounts and want to Combine / Merge them

  75. I want people to stop following me

  76. I want to Add / Change my Profile Picture

  77. I want to Connect / Disconnect my Facebook Account

  78. I want to create a paid course

  79. I want to Delete my Account

  80. I'm a teacher and need to invite lots of students, how can I do that?

  81. Ignore / Skip / Exclude Words and Difficult Words (Android)

  82. Is Memrise available in schools?

  83. Is there a Mobile App? Yes!

  84. Keyboard Shortcuts Explained

  85. Language Settings (Android)

  86. Language Settings (iOS)

  87. Leaderboard Explained (Android)

  88. Leaderboard Explained (iOS)

  89. Learning and Reviewing Courses (Android)

  90. Learning and Reviewing Courses (iOS)

  91. Learning Modes Explained in the Android App

  92. Learning Preferences Explained

  93. Listening Skills Explained (Android)

  94. Listening Skills Explained (iOS)

  95. Lost Learning Streak / Daily Goal

  96. Memrise Courses Explained

  97. Memrise Pro Doesn't Activate?

  98. Memrise Pro in the Android App Explained

  99. Memrise Pro in the Android App Explained

  100. Memrise Pro in the iOS App Explained

  101. Memrise Pro in the iOS App Explained

  102. Merge two / several levels into one

  103. Multimedia level

  104. My Database doesn't seem to draw from the Central Dictionary anymore. Why?

  105. Need help using the Android App? Here is what to do!

  106. No Audio / Sound in the Android App - Can't Hear Words

  107. No Audio / Sound in the iOS App - Can't Hear Words

  108. No Audio / Sound on the Website - Can't Hear Words

  109. Official Memrise Courses: Difficulty Levels Explained

  110. Onscreen special characters explained

  111. Pro Features in the Website

  112. Remove / Delete Courses and Offline Mode (Android)

  113. Remove / Delete Courses and Offline Mode (iOS)

  114. Reporting a Bug? **Please Read First** - Error/Problem/Issue/Glitch

  115. Search for a Course (Android)

  116. Search for a Course (iOS)

  117. Search for a Course (Website)

  118. Set a Daily Goal (Android)

  119. Set a Daily Goal (iOS)

  120. Set a Daily Goal - 1500, 6000 or 20000 points

  121. Set course to private / hide course

  122. Settings Explained (Android)

  123. Settings Explained (iOS)

  124. Sign in, Register or Forgot Password (Android)

  125. Sign in, Register or Forgot Password (iOS)

  126. Speed Review explained

  127. Speed Review Explained (Android)

  128. Syncing Problems

  129. Tapping only course - no typing

  130. Test Directions Overview

  131. Test multiple fields in one level

  132. Testing types in the App (Android)

  133. Testing types in the App (iOS)

  134. Things you can't do in the Android App

  135. Things you can't do in the iOS App

  136. Turn off Mems / I don't want Mems

  137. Typing in another language / change keyboard

  138. Typing only course - no tapping

  139. Website: What is a Learning Streak? How does my Time Zone affect it?

  140. What are Chatbots and which courses are they available on?

  141. What are courses?

  142. What are levels? When does Ziggy evolve?

  143. What can be edited in a database?

  144. What do I do if I find an offensive Mem?

  145. What happens to flagged Mems?

  146. What is a database?

  147. What is a group?

  148. What is a Mem?

  149. What is a Mem? (Android)

  150. What is a Mem? (iOS)

  151. What is auto grow?

  152. What is Grammabot?

  153. What is Meet The Natives? (Video Mode)

  154. What is Memrise?

  155. What is the science behind Memrise? Why is it effective?

  156. Where is the Databases tab? / Can't find the Databases tab?

  157. Who uses Memrise?

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